4 – Point Inspection Orlando FL

4 Point Inspection Orlando FL

Satisfying insurance company requirements means having your property go through a 4-Point Inspection. Our licensed Orlando, FL home inspectors will provide your insurance carrier with a detailed and comprehensive inspection report.

Unlike a typical home inspection that evaluates all systems in the property, the term 4-Point refers to the four main areas of the home which are:

  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • All electrical wiring and panels
  • All plumbing connections and fixtures
  • Roof system condition and life expectancy

Basically, the 4-point inspection is specifically designed for homes older than 30 years. This inspection is highly needed to evaluate risks and determine whether a property meets eligibility guidelines for insurance purposes. The inspection requirements are designed by insurance companies to get a better understanding of the property they are insuring.


Why you need this?

The reason for this is that older homes have had more system replacements over the years. Aside from that, the construction materials used may have been popular when it was built but are ultimately phased out to make way for modern practices. These points are important for insurance companies to determine a home’s eligibility for coverage.

Your insurance carrier needs a thorough report of your property. Our seasoned home inspector form Orlando, FL will provide you more than that.

For the HVAC, our licensed home inspector provides photos and details of

  • air conditioning compressor
  • date tag from the manufacturer
  • age of HVAC system
  • last update details
  • primary heat source
  • type of fuel
  • other information to satisfy requirements

For the electrical system, our home inspector will verify the age and brand name of your main electrical panel. Safety hazards such as blown fuses or exposed wiring will also be included in the report.

For the plumbing system, insurance companies want to know the age of the plumbing, types of pipes used and overall functionality of the system.


A roofing system of over 25 years may be required to submit documentation of roof replacement. Insurance companies often have a minimum required life expectancy for your roof to obtain coverage.

There are only two things insurance companies look at when these four areas are being inspected.

  1. The conditions of each system. Are they new, used, or functional? Were there any repairs made and was it professionally done?
  2. The second thing they’ll be looking at is the age of components. Some components may not meet the maximum age allowed by a particular carrier.


While insurance companies differ in their insurance underwriting, they all want to be confident about the inspection and the information they receive to make their decision. However, these differences in policies may confuse homeowners of which carrier to choose.  Your insurance agent is very critical at this time as he/she will help confirm and clarify whether a system needs an update, repair, or replacement, hence, placing you in an insurance company that better fits your situation.

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“Our inspector was observant and informative letting us know all the details of the house, as well as issues we needed to pay close attention to. He was timely and very personable. The report was provided the same day which was amazing with excellent pictures. As always, I am never disappointed with this company. “- Jesenia N

Just remember that our Orlando, FL 4-Point Inspection is related to obtaining or retaining a homeowner’s insurance ONLY. The scope is limited and only takes about 20-30 minutes, unlike an extensive home inspection which is an n-depth evaluation and usually takes about 3-4 hours. This inspection is focused on insurance and not the type of inspection for your home buying needs.


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