FAQs about the Inspection Process and the report:

What will the report look like? To see a sample inspection report, visit our website at www.CLIOrlando.com and click on Sample Report. This was a recent report that shows the basic format of every report and has infrared photography that shows the benefit of that technology.

Why do I need insurance reports?  In Florida, two reports are often requested by Homeowners Insurance providers. The Wind mitigation report addresses how the roof is strapped to the trusses and other factors.  This results of this report can qualify the homeowner for insurance discounts.  The 4 Point report is generally for homes over 20 years old and addresses the four main systems of the home giving the insurance underwriter specific information regarding plumbing, HVAC system components and Electrical components.

What is a WDO Inspection?  A WDO inspection stands for Wood Destroying Organism and is commonly referred to as a Termite Inspection.  The WDO inspection does determine if there is evidence of previous or current termite damage but it also looks for any other organism that could destroy wood elements of the home.  Included in that is moisture that can destroy wood over time.

Where will my reports be for my Insurance Provider? Insurance reports will be attached to your completed report and can be found under the Table of Contents….Attachments.

Am I allowed to attend the inspection? Yes, We encourage Buyers to attend the inspection and ask whatever questions of your inspector. You are also free to contact us after the report is published with questions.

What forms of payment are accepted?  We accept all major credit card payments through a secure link that is sent to you in your confirmation email.  We also accept credit card, check and cash payment at the time of the inspection.  Reports are published only after payment has been received.

Free Gift Services for our Clients: In addition to our inspection services, you will receive

  • A FREE One year “Total Home Support” membership with Home Owners Network and the Easy Home Concierge program valued at $249 and a FREE ADT Security System valued at $1200 through Safe Streets USA. These services help you care for your home and will help you set up all your home services including discounted home and auto insurance, internet, phone, satellite & cable TV services for your home.  They also provide you a list of your local utility companies that serve your home, just ask. 
  • Your Easy Home Concierge will be calling you to confirm your order and schedule your home service installations or you may call: 844-733-5630 for immediate assistance and visit http://www.hon.house for more details.

We are here to help you in any way possible.  Please feel free to contact us prior to the inspection with questions.