Buyer Inspections

buyer inspections

Closer Look Inspections prides itself on being an industry leader as we bring the latest trends of technology into your home. We utilize high-tech inspection instruments and equipment: aerial drone high definition photography, thermal (infrared) image cameras, thermal (infrared) moisture meters, combustible gas leak detectors, air quality (mold test) meters and lab tests, voltage detectors, circuit analyzers and a host of other tools and devices to specifically assess your home. We are committed to providing our clients with the most thorough and comprehensive inspection available and reports are always published “same day” so our Clients and their Realtor can be fully informed about the home well within the “inspection window.” Read more..

Pool Leak Detection

Leakalyzer - Pool Leak Inspection - Orlando FL

At Closer Look Inspections, we use the latest technology to determine if your pool or spa is leaking. We use electronic equipment from Anderson Manufacturing known as Leakalyzer TM. This equipment is used to isolate the pool pump from the pool’s plumbing to better analyze the type and rate of a leak. Your computer-generated report will give graphic visualization of the pool’s current condition, amount of water loss, and rate per hour.Learn more

Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

You may want to consider a Pre-Listing Inspection or Seller Home Inspection which can assist the sale process will go smoothly and quickly. A pre-listing inspection is the same as a residential home buyer’s inspection except the information is obtained for the seller. The seller can use this information to fix or repair any items prior to getting a ready, willing and able buyer because eventually, your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first. Schedule your Pre-Listing Inspection Orlando Today! Read more..

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection Orlando FL

We all know how windstorms can wreak havoc to properties, much more to our homes. Windstorm is wind strong enough to damage trees and buildings and may or may not be accompanied by rain or snow. Such a strong wind can cause widespread damage and landscape devastation. Closer Look Inspections offers Wind Mitigation Inspections in Orlando, FL which has the potential to save you up to 80% on the cost of your windstorm insurance premium.More Info

4-Point Inspection

4 Point Inspection Orlando FL
Satisfying insurance company requirements means having your property go through a 4-Point Inspection. Our licensed Orlando, FL home inspectors will provide your insurance carrier with a detailed and comprehensive inspection report. More Info

New Construction Inspection

Closer Look Inspection Inc

In most builders’ books, new’ does not always translate to perfect’ construction. No matter how good your builder is, they are prone to making errors or overlooking certain building standards that you will later need to deal with as code violations. A properly licensed private home inspector to conduct a thorough check as a final walkthrough with the builder to make sure that everything is in place for your new home to finally be handed over to you just the way you wanted it. Read more..

Mold Inspection

Mold Assessment-Miami-1

Mold Evaluation Inspection services are needed for every home. Mold is one of those sneaky perpetrators that are often very successful in going unnoticed. Although mold is everywhere, and many times it may be harmless, certain types of mold can be very harmful to your health, and it is important to know what signs you should look for throughout your home to ensure there is not a dangerous mold infestation. Below is a guide to know when you need to get your home inspected for mold. Schedule your Mold Inspection Orlando Today! Read more..

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal Inspection Orlando FL

Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. Infrared thermography allows us to see these invisible thermal signatures of impending damage before the damage occurs. When current flows through an electric circuit, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. This is normal. But, if there is an abnormally high resistance in the circuit or abnormally high current flow, abnormally high heat is generated which is wasteful, potentially damaging and not normal. Read more..

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Closer Look Inspections will be your home buying or selling advocate! We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough, yet have excellent communications skills to be able to put the entire house into perspective for you. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Orlando FL area, we can help!

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