Does Your Pool Have a Leak?

Don’t let thousands of gallons or dollars… leak out of your pool.

Leakalyzer - Pool Leak Inspection

Florida has many homes with beautiful and elaborate pools. A private pool just steps outside your door can be a dream come true or a nightmare if you find out after closing that the pool leaks. So know BEFORE you buy…. because a small investment now buys peace of mind and saves you thousands later.


Is this Inspection Service important?


This Buyer had this to say…

“Thank you for the inspection of our future home.  Keith’s inspection was thorough, professionally conducted and performed timely relative to our phone call to ask for your help. The completeness of the inspection is enabling the seller of this property to have everything in tip-top shape before closing and it gives us more comfort in the overall condition of the property. Of particular benefit to us was the LeakAlyzer test on the pool.

Pool leaks were detected which enabled the seller to have the pool repaired while still under warranty, and it saved us a great deal of expense later on. It was money well spent.

If anyone is looking at a home with a pool, they should give serious consideration to requesting the LeakAlyzer test as part of their inspection.” RC – Clermont, FL  June 2019



Our Pool Leak Detection Equipment

At Closer Look Inspections, we use the latest technology to determine if your pool or spa is leaking. We use electronic equipment from Anderson Manufacturing known as Leakalyzer TM. This equipment is used to isolate the pool pump from the pool’s plumbing to better analyze the type and rate of a
leak. Your computer-generated report will give graphic visualization of the pool’s current condition, amount of water loss, and rate per hour.

Following the Leak Detection Inspection, you will receive a Leak Status Certificate and it can be useful for the owner/buyer of a new home to validate the condition of the pool for insurance and Lender purposes.



The Leakalyzer TM detects if your pool, spa, or fountain is losing water. It measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, enabling us to determine how many gallons per hour is being lost. The electronic equipment is incredibly sensitive. For example: Losing less than a gallon of water from a 20′ x 40′ pool can be quickly detected. The Leakalyzer uses an on board computer modulator to determine the impact of changing water levels in your pool. These are calculated in water loss per hour, and per day, taking into account expected daily evaporation.

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