Wind Mitigation Inspection Orlando FL

Wind Mitigation Inspection Orlando FL

We all know how windstorms can wreak havoc to properties, much more to our homes. Windstorm is wind strong enough to damage trees and buildings and may or may not be accompanied by rain or snow. Such a strong wind can cause widespread damage and landscape devastation. Closer Look Inspections offers Wind Mitigation Inspections in Orlando, FL which has the potential to save you up to 80% on the cost of your windstorm insurance premium. Florida residents know all too well how this peninsular state play with tropical storms and hurricanes every summer and fall.


What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection and Why you need it?

Simply put, Wind Mitigation Inspection is an examination of the home’s safety features that helps secure the property from extensive damages during extreme weather conditions. If you’re wondering Wind Mitigation Inspector Certifiedwhether a Wind Mitigation Inspection can save you on insurance, yes it can. Modern homeowners install weather preparedness features but in Florida where a mitigation inspection is not required, most homeowners are quite hesitant to pay for an extra inspection service. Still, why would someone want to order an inspection that is hardly even required? Because IT HELPS YOU SAVE A LOT. 

Back in 2005 where hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the US, a handful of insurance companies went bankrupt over claims and repair costs. State officials thought they needed to do something to protect property owners and insurance companies alike. Realizing the Wind Mitigation Inspection was like hitting two birds with one stone. Homeowners started to become more prepared by safeguarding their properties with wind mitigation systems and insurance companies are insuring more secure, less damage-susceptible properties.

By 2006, the state of Florida became the first to mandate insurance companies to apply a reduction in insurance costs on properties that underwent a wind mitigation inspection by certified and qualified inspectors.  But the total savings one can get can vary from one property to another. The licensed inspector will evaluate the wind-mitigating features and make recommendations for improvements or repairs. The homeowner needs to take action to enhance the sustainability of the home’s wind-mitigating characteristics. The appropriate discount is dependent on your home’s ability to withstand storm damages.

The state of Florida requires inspectors to look at these eight (8) key categories during the inspection:

  1. Roof covering – our seasoned inspector will look at when it was installed and if it meets building codes. Florida code standards were updated in 2001.
  2. Roof deck attachment – Our Orlando, FL home inspector will determine the type of decking and how it’s attached to the underlying structure such as by nail or staples. Nail length and distance between nails will also be determined and included in the report.
  3. Roof to wall attachment – the more secure your roof is, the better protected you are. The inspector will look into the attachment of trusses.
  4. Roof geometry – roof shapes vary from flat to steeply pitched. Some can be arched or domed, and some can be a single flat sheet, a complex arrangement of slopes, or terraced or cut.
  5. Gable end bracing – the gable ends will be reviewed to ensure that it follows the Florida Building Code Standards. A gable end of more than 48 inches tall will be braced for reinforcement.
  6. Wall construction type – construction materials used on your home will be reviewed. Most of the time, steel-reinforced concrete block homes are up for a better discount than plywood frames and siding.
  7. Secondary water barrier – This item is actually a common feature for roofs installed or upgraded around 2009.  Newer features might need more photo documentation to qualify for discounts.
  8. Opening protection – Our inspector will look at the shutters and installed-protection devices from wind-born debris. This applies to windows and doors and must be rated with Hurricane rated protection to qualify. 


“Closer Look Inspections did an absolutely amazing job with my home inspection. Not only did they uncover a point of interest for me but they also put my mind at ease by letting me know my new home was in good shape. They were also very responsive and supplied me with PDFs of both my Wind Mitigation and 4 Point inspection reports for my insurance company! Two thumbs way up!” – Robert F.


Living in a coastal region implies a need for wind-mitigation inspection than skipping it to save bucks. Investing in this inspection is still up to you but the potential savings per year can easily outweigh the cost alongside better protection for you and your family.

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